WAEPS Board of Trustees


Russell Van Gelder, MD, PhD

James Stroh, MD
Immediate Past President

Rebecca Dale, MD

Jacqueline Wong, MD


Kristi Bailey, MD
Janet J. Chieh, MD
Courtney Francis, MD
Devin Harrison, MD
Hubert Pham, MD
Matthew Weed, MD


Committee Chairs/ Liaisons

Michael B. Brush, MD
AAO Councilor

Janet Chieh, MD
Chair, Young Ophthalmologists Section

Brian E. Bowe, MD
WSMA Liaison

K. David Epley, MD
Secretary-Treasurer of the Washington Eye Foundation

Jacqueline Wong, MD
Chair, Membership

Lt. Col. Roger Anderson, MD
Military Liaison

Michael L. Gilbert, MD
Chair, Coding Seminar
Chair, Reimbursement/Payer Relations

Paul B. Griggs, MD
Chair, Annual Meeting

Rachel Reinhardt, MD
Chair, Practice Management Seminar

James Stroh, MD
Chair, Public Education

Russell Van Gelder, MD, PhD
Univ. of Washington Liaison

Yewlin Chee, MD
Chair, Monthly Scientific Meeting Series

Aaron P. Weingeist, MD
Chair, Government Relations
Chair, Physicians EyePAC
President, Washington Eye Foundation