Support the WAEPS Physicians EyePAC

Physicians EyePAC raises and distributes campaign funds to Washington State legislative candidates who share our passion for quality, safe eye care for all Washingtonians.

Funds are also used for public education related to legislation essential for the future of ophthalmology as well as the health, safety and accessibility of quality eye care for the public. We encourage every WAEPS member to contribute annually to the EyePAC when paying membership dues, or right now by following the instructions below!

To make a contribution to the PAC, please click on the link below and choose your payment method at the end of the process.

Please note:  contributions to the Physicians EyePAC are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal
income tax purposes.  In addition, no portion of any contributions to the Physicians EyePAC can be deducted as
a business expense on your federal income tax returns. 

Contribute to the EyePAC