Washington Eye Foundation (WEF)

The Washington Eye Foundation was formed to support the charitable, educational, and scientific activities of WAEPS through its activities, which may include:

•    Creating and distributing public service announcements regarding eye and vision care;
•    Arranging for free Glaucoma screenings to individuals who are unable to afford such screenings;
•    Developing and conducting education programs for members of WAEPS and the public;
•    Arranging for free vision screenings for children whose families are unable to afford such screenings;
•    Creating educational materials for use by WAEPS’ members;
•    Conducting charitable events supporting eye research or disease research related to conditions that may affect the eyes;
•    Funding scientific research into ophthalmic diseases;
•    Engaging with medical students and residents regarding WAEPS and eye and vision care;
•    Connecting patients in need of care to local ophthalmologists; and
•    Making grants to WAEPS to support WAEPS’ charitable, educational, and scientific purposes.

The WEF is a 501(c)3 and donations to the Foundation are fully tax deductible.    

To make an online tax-deductible donation to the WEF,  click the button below.

Donate to the WEF

Or you may mail a check made payable to Washington Eye Foundation to:

2001 6th Ave., Suite 2700
Seattle, WA  98121

Thank you very much for your support of WEF!