Most children have healthy eyes and normal vision, but a few babies are born with serious disorders or diseases. Your pediatrician will thoroughly examine your baby at well-baby checkups, but if you notice any of the following, you should bring your child to the doctor soon.


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White Pupil Lump swelling or drooping of lid Large Cornea

White Pupil

May indicate cataract, tumor, inflammation, or detached retina. Needs immediate attention.

Lump swelling or drooping of lid

May be an inflammation. This is an emergency if it happens suddenly and the lid is red and hot. Also may indicate muscle weakness or tumor.

Large cornea

This may be a sign of glaucoma in a newborn or infant, especially if the child’s eye waters and avoids light. Needs immediate attention.

Tearing, discharge or redness Eye turns inward or outward Dancing Eyes

Tearing, discharge or redness

A sign of infection or tear duct blockage. See the doctor soon.

Eye turns inward or outward

Eyes misaligned (turned in or out) or “lazy eye” might lead to loss of vision. See the doctor soon.

“Dancing Eyes”

Eyes jiggle or rotate; baby does not look at you. This is a sign of disease of the nervous system. See the doctor soon.

Blurred Vision Pupil Defect Unequal pupils

White Pupil

Child may have double or blurred vision.

Pupil defect (part of the iris is missing)

May signal a defect of the inside of the eye.

Unequal pupils

May be a sign of nerve damage or tumor.