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Healthy Eyes Washington. Your source for total visual health care needs for every stage of life. Find an eye doctor in Washington state and find out how to keep your eyes healthy.

Correcting your vision

Today, in addition to eyeglasses and contact lenses, you can choose refractive surgery (or LASIK) to correct or improve your vision. Find outmore about vision exams and your options for vision correction.

Treating your eyes

Early detection and treatment of eye problems—diseases, injuries and infections—is key to keeping your eyes healthy throughout your life. Find out more about eye condtions, and the available treatments.

Protecting your eyes

Getting regular examinations and protecting your eyes from injury can prevent many leading causes of blindness. Find out how to keep your eyes safe, and what to do when an injury occurs.

Healthy Eyes for Every Stage of Life

What should you know about eye care and prevention for you and your children?

Find an Eye Doctor

Search for an ophthalmologist in your area.

Why an Ophthalmologist?

Find out the difference between ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians—and why it matters.

For Eye Doctors

Get WAEPS news and information and browse eye health resources.